Kill Your Television at the Hollywood Fringe

Last night I saw Kill Your Television at the Elephant Stages, which is one of the many productions with the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s a fantastic one-man show, written and performed by Jeff Gardner, directed by Vicky Silva.

The show itself is one man watching television in his pajamas. He’s alone, except for his stuffed monkey. You watch his, as well as your own, ritual of watching television. The show is completely without any actual dialog, and it feels at times like you’re watching a silent film. It’s Gardner’s simple, yet complex, reaction to the brilliant sound design.

Having slept on it, I’m still left speechless. This is one brilliant show that just does everything right. There’s one more production of this show at 2 PM on Saturday. Go see this play. You won’t be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Kill Your Television at the Hollywood Fringe

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  2. mrjefferson3

    Kill Your Television has been extended at Theatre Asylum July 17th – August 14th

    Extended as part of Theatre Asylum’s Best of the Hollywood Fringe Festival

    4 Performances Only!

    Saturday- 7/17 @ 8PM
    Friday- 7/23 @ 8PM
    Saturday- 7/31 @ 6:30PM
    Saturday- 8/14 @ 6PM

    Tickets – $12

    Theatre Asylum
    6320 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Hollywood, 90038


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