I’ve seen I Made Out With Him Anyway twice; it’s so good


I Made Out With Him Anyway stars Kirstin Eggers and Evie Peck. These two ladies share their adventures in dating with you in a very funny, honest and brave show that is short and sweet. They recall their different horror stories, often taking on the role of each other and their dates. It’s quick, like stand up comedy, but has the polish of a play. It’s a very personal show and when you watch it you feel like you’ve been friends with them for years, like your discussing dating over coffee or a beer.

What I liked most about this show is that it isn’t crass or place blame. When I search for a new play to see, I oftentimes see shows that really go deep into sexuality and infidelity and the (boring and gross) drama that ensues.

This show is not like that.

It’s about dating. It’s about Kirstin and Evie dating. With this distinction, this show really opens up to a larger audience. We all have had dates, good and bad and boring, so we all can relate with this show. While it doesn’t censor itself, it doesn’t get crass. If you’re easily offended, don’t worry, you’ll love this play.

Also, this is a play that tells stories and doesn’t place blame on the men they dated. It easily could’ve become and hour long rant, but it’s not. It’s a solid, funny good time and I recommend everyone go see it.

On the technical side:

The set design, by Kim West, is three painted flats. Simple, elegant and exactly perfect for this show. She also has some great art work on display in the lobby.

The lighting design, by Dan Weingarten, is spectacular. It does a great job of establishing location and enhancing the story while never distracting from the performance.

The direction, by Nick Hoffa, was spot on. Great use of the stage, the space and the time. You never check your watch to see how much longer you have to sit there.

Stage Management, by my beautiful and wonderful sister Heather, is perfect.

The space:

The Lost Studio, is tremendous. Located at 130 S. La Brea, it’s centrally located in Los Angeles and a short distance to drive from anywhere in the city. I had no problems finding parking. You will have to walk up a flight of stairs, so I’m guessing no wheel chair access.

The lobby is very welcoming. I feel that a benefit of theatre, compared to music or film, is in the lobby. It’s a great place to meet other members of the audience before a show and discuss what you just watched afterwards.

Evie, Kirstin and the director are there after the show to thank you for coming and talk about it with you. Many of the audience members were even recounting their own dating stories. It really makes this show more of a community event.

Also, the restrooms at The Lost Studio are big, clean and stocked.

Other stuff:

The show is cheap at $10. In order for theatre to be competitive in the digital age, the cost needs to be equivalent. They do offer beer, wine, water and pop. No coffee.

For sale are buttons for the show and wax lips for safe making out, cheap at like $2. Totally worth buying.

Go see it:

The show is an hour long, Friday and Saturday night at 8 PM and 10:30 PM. Take advantage of the community aspect.

Check out the I Made Out With Him Anyway website here: http://www.imadeoutwithhimanyway.com/

You can purchase your tickets there, as well as see some brilliant date clips that they’ve produced, including this one with Kyle Gass!


One thought on “I’ve seen I Made Out With Him Anyway twice; it’s so good

  1. Enci

    Cool job setting up this site and great review! Glad you went with WordPress, not blogger. I’ll post you on our Bitter Lemons blogroll. 🙂


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